Do I need a waiver in order to climb?

Yes, everyone who climbs at the gym needs a signed liability waiver. Climbers under the age of 17 must have theirs signed by a parent or legal guardian.

What is belaying?

Belaying is the process of managing the climber’s rope. As the climber ascends, the belayer takes up slack in the rope. This is done with a friction device so that when the climber falls the belayer can stop the rope and catch the fall. The belayer also lowers the climber from the top of the wall. Everyone needs a belayer to climb on a rope.

How do I learn how to belay?

The best way is to take our full Orientation, included in our Learn to Climb package. You’ll get plenty of practice and we’ll make sure your belaying skills are rock solid. Sorry, we cannot allow instruction, lessons, or coaching at MPHC by non-staffers or clientele. Our belay class is only for climbers at least 12 years old. If you have younger climbers, speak with one of our staff members about possibly teaching your little one to belay.

This looks fun, but I’ve never climbed in my life, and don’t want to spend time learning how to belay. Can I still do it?

Yes! Give us a call and rent a belayer! You’ll get on the walls and climbing with an instructor immediately without spending time learning complicated equipment. We make every effort to welcome newcomers and ensure that they’re on their way to becoming a part of our climbing community. Everybody always has a great time. Just call to schedule a reservation.

We also have two auto-belays that you are welcome to use after going through our 20-minute bouldering/auto-belay orientation.

Do I need a strong upper body to climb?

Not at all! Rock climbing well requires many things. Upper body strength certainly helps, but is by no means a requirement. Far more important are strong legs, flexibility, technique and a willingness to push yourself! Not having a strong upper body will not prevent you from climbing well and you will begin to see improvements right away. On your first visit, our instructors will pick walls perfect for you. You’ll make it to the top, have fun, and you’ll be challenged as much or as little as you would like.

I love climbing, but want to get better! How can I improve quickly?

We offer free clinics [link] for all levels, abilities and ages. These clinics offer training on specific topics and private instruction based on individual needs.

We also offer private instruction. Call us today to book your personal climbing instructor. We’ll get you, your friends, or your whole family climbing right away, the right way!

Is climbing a good workout?

Climbing is one of the best workouts around! You will build strength and flexibility while burning calories. You are only pulling and pushing your own body weight, making strength gains natural and healthy. And it’s easy to stay motivated because it’s so much fun!

How old do I need to be to climb?

You can be (almost) any age to climb! It’s more a matter of size and temperament than age when it comes to younger kids. Kids as small as 4 can usually fit into a harness. Our instructors are great and have the patience to help kids and adults get over their fear of heights.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that does not inhibit movement. Remember, your clothes need to fit under a snug harness. Tights, sweats, long shorts, T-shirts, tank tops and sports bras all work well. Jewelry and watches should be avoided as rings and watches can take a real beating.

I don’t own my own climbing gear, do you supply it?

We rent gear on a daily basis. Some memberships include gear rentals. If you want to get your own gear please talk to one of our experienced climbing staff for recommendations on where to get your piece of gear!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. Checks and of course good ole cash.

Can I bring a group anytime?

We recommend with any group function (birthday parties, corporate events, etc.) to please call ahead and make a reservation. We are always open to the public during business hours, but will work with your schedule to make sure it’s not too crowded when your group wants to come in. The major advantage of scheduling your group event is that you will have private instructors that work exclusively with your group alone.

Are group deposits refundable?

A deposit of $83.60 will be required for most large groups, and that deposit is refundable until 3 days prior to the event. If it’s less than 3 days before the party the deposit is not refundable.

Do I have to rent shoes?

Yes! we do have rock climbing shoes to rent for an additional fee. Rock climbing shoes will help to maintain contact with your feet to the wall. Rock climbing shoes are recommended for everyone intermediate and above in skill level.

Can I climb barefoot?

No. For respect of our fellow climbers, no one wants to put their hands where someone’s feet have been. Please wear some form of shoes while climbing on the walls. Thank you very much.

I have a 10 pass, is there an expiration date for it?

Yes, it expires after a year.