Climbing Hours and Rules

Youth Hours and Rules for Climbing Gym

MPHC Climbing Gym Welcomes children 3 years old and above in our facilities. Children under 17 years old, who are purchasing a day or guest pass, are required to have active adult supervision while in the climbing facility.

Children 3-17 years old, are allowed in our bouldering room only if they are accompanied by an adult that is familiar with bouldering. The adult must understand the added risk of bouldering and the necessary safety skills to mitigate the danger. The adult must fill out a waiver to enter the bouldering room.

Non-member children must be dropped off directly in the climbing facility by an adult. Infants are not allowed in the bouldering room.


Kids Hours

Bouldering Room:
12PM to 4PM Monday to Friday
12PM to 6PM Saturday and Sunday

Top Rope Room:
12PM to 6PM Monday to Friday
12PM to 6PM Saturday and Sunday

Children (3-17 years old) partaking in a private lesson with an MPHC instructor are welcome in our facility at any time, but must also have adult supervision.
An MPHC staff member is encouraged to restrict access to children if the following circumstances are present:
– Too much traffic.
– Poor behavior increasing the risk to other climbers.
– Rules and regulations not being followed by participants.