MPHC Climbing gym started in 1992, since then we’ve been striving to build a Community where everyone feels safe and comfortable to grow physically and mentally stronger! In our climbing gym, whether new or experienced we hope to introduce climbers to seeing climbing in a different view. We want our climbers to have fun and inspire one another. We provide our members and guests with free clinics each day of the week; these clinics give our members a chance to meet others also working on similar projects and rise together! Our location is conveniently located near Times Square, and changing our routes weekly with around 5,000 square feet to play in, we keep things fresh and challenging for climbers of all ages and abilities.

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Bouldering Competition


Skyline Youth Climbing Program

Instructors Aika Watanabe and Torsten Johnson
6-week program
February 2, 2019 through March 13, 2019

Wednesdays from 4 – 6 PM: focus on roped climbing
Saturdays from 1 – 3 PM: focus on bouldering

Ages 5-17
2 classes per week: $550
1 class per week: $325

Early Bird Prices*:
2 classes per week: $500
1 class per week: $300

Email to sign up.

The purpose of these classes is to get children to approach climbing as a sport, and to create a supportive and respectful community of youth climbers. There will be an emphasis on body awareness, cognitive awareness, and general knowledge of climbing terms and techniques. The hope is that the children will learn to be patient, supportive, and disciplined as climbers. Progress will not be defined by the difficulty of the routes completed, but the level of self-awareness and determination each child develops. It’s all about the effort and attitude.



Our Adventure Community




Learn to climb with one of our instructors!

Climbing package Special:

  • 5 private sessions with the instructor of your choice 
  • Bouldering instruction from V0-V4
  • Top rope climbing / certified
  • Top rope and belay setup
  • Base anchors and system for top rope climbing
  • Knots and rope coiling

Cost: $325.00/ call us now and set your appointment

More info:

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